Chem-Therm das Spin-Off des ICVTs der Universität Stuttgart

The evaporator technology developed and patented several years ago by the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart becomes independent!

Evaporator systems have been developed at the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering for more than 15 years. The technologies developed and experience gained during this time are to be continued in a new company via a spin-off supported by the University of Stuttgart.

The two former ICVT PhD students Christian Walter and Jörn Matthies are bringing the evaporator technology to industry with the support of Holger Aschenbrenner. To this end, we have been part of the Technologie-Transfer-Initiative GmbH since 2023 in the form of a transfer and start-up company (TGU). TTI GmbH supports start-ups and facilitates cooperation with the University of Stuttgart.

With ChemTherm, we are taking over the existing evaporator technology of the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering - University of Stuttgart and expanding it with innovative and customer-specific solutions in the field of pulsation-free steam generation.

Our main focus is on perfecting our patented evaporator technology for laboratories, pilot plants and R&D! We want to enable pulsation-free vaporization for all media with precise dosing!