Application examples

APPLICATION CASE I: Water dosing in pilot plants

Accurate dosing of water in test systems is crucial in order to achieve reliable and reproducible results. Choosing the right evaporator for water dosing plays an important role in this. Due to their specific design, pulsation-free evaporators offer several advantages that lead to more precise water dosing.

Low-pulsation evaporators contribute to the stability of the water dosing process. By reducing pressure and volume fluctuations, a constant water flow is generated. This allows better control of the water dosing and minimizes the likelihood of unwanted variations during the experiment.

Large fluctuations in pressure or volume can lead to mechanical stress and premature wear of valves, piping and other parts of the system. By using low pulsation evaporators, such damage is avoided, increasing the lifetime of the experimental plant and reducing unexpected downtime.

Choosing the right evaporator is an important step in ensuring that water dosing in pilot plants is optimally controlled. Contact us and we will support you in the design of a suitable evaporator.