Combined vaporizer

The combined evaporator combines a total evaporator with a carrier gas supported evaporator. The optional gas supply can be used to generate directly undersaturated humidity mixtures or to realize a very compact direct supply of a water-gas mixture in the process.

Thanks to the combined evaporator, there are no longer any limits to humidity generation. Steam atmospheres from 0 - 100% are guaranteed. Precise humidification in any position, mounted directly on the process with a threaded fitting, from below, from the side or overhead.

Disruptive, heated, often long inlets are eliminated, the steam mixture is generated close to the process. Thanks to an integrated non-return valve, the evaporator can also be used as a total evaporator.


  • Specifications
  • Pressure range: Vacuum up to 50 bar
  • Liquid: 0 – 600 g/h (H2O)
  • Evaporation temperature: max. 400 °C
  • Media- contact material 1.4571
  • Up to 6 customer-specific connections for media/sensor technology
  • Freely selectable installation position
  • Completely dismountable
  • Sealings: FKM/FFKM/metallic
  • Chemically inert surface coating possible

Download data sheet(pdf)