Regulation and control units

Control box of the vaporizer

  • Evaporator control (external analog or digital)
  • Autonomous mode of operation with specification by PCS or manual operation
  • Visualization and manual operation via optional touch display on the front of the device
  • Start/stop/alarm switch and LED status lights on the device
  • PWM-controlled heating for evaporator (max. 1.5 kW)
  • PWM-controlled heating for accompaniment/feed (max. 1 kW)
  • Analog input / output (0 - 10 V)
  • Digital input / output (potential-free)

Control box pump

  • HPLC pump with drive unit min. 0.01 max. 10 ml/min
  • Pump head design stainless steel 1.4401
  • Inline vacuum degasser to prevent air entrainment
  • Auxiliary pump for rinsing and non-contact filling of the HPLC pump
  • Pressure monitoring with safety valve
  • Flow measurement or flow monitoring