Total vaporizer

As a further evolution of the proven ICVT evaporator, our newly developed evaporators will set new standard in steam technology. With our total evaporator, we are able to provide a pulsation-free evaporation and high-precision dosing!

Thanks to our patented technology, the total evaporator offers impressive flexibility in terms of flow rates and pressure conditions - from 2 to 5,000 g/h at up to 100 bar. Perfect for complex research and development applications!

The high-quality stainless steel construction and fully dismountable design guarantees not only a long service life, but also easy maintenance and cleaning.

The high adaptability makes our total vaporizers the ideal choice for companies that require precise and reliable steam generation. Together with the wide operating range, they offer a sustainable and flexible solution for many projects.


  • Pressure range: Vacuum up to 100 bar
  • Liquid: 0.006 - 10 kg/h
  • Evaporation temperature: max. 400 °C
  • Medium-contact material 1.4571
  • Customized media connections
  • Freely selectable installation position
  • Completely dismountable
  • Sealings: FFKM/metallic
  • Chemically inert surface coating possible

Download data sheet(pdf)