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For over 15 years, the Institute of Chemical Engineering has been developing evaporator systems. The technologies developed and the experiences gained during this time are intended to be continued in a new company supported by a spin-off facilitated by the University of Stuttgart.

Since 2023, we have been part of the Technology Transfer Initiative GmbH as a Transfer and Founding Enterprise (TGU). TTI GmbH supports startup ventures and is a company of the University of Stuttgart. The newly founded TGU ChemTherm takes over the previous offerings of the Institute of Chemical Engineering and expands them with innovative and customer-specific solutions in the areas of steam generation and related fields of process engineering.


High-precision steam dosing is a challenging task for numerous research and development applications. As a spin-off of the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, we have been offering reliable solutions for the provision of steam or the generation of gas-steam mixtures for more than 15 years.

Our patented second-generation ChemTherm evaporator concept stabilizes the pulsating momentum of flow boiling for continuous use. With this solution, you obtain a pulsation-free vapor flow even with the smallest throughputs.

Our Expertise

  • Development of complete evaporator systems with precision dosing and ready-made control systems.
  • Advice on the design and use of our evaporators for ideal vapor dosing.
  • Production and quality testing of every evaporator, including certification.
  • Maintenance and service for optimum operating performance and adaptation to other applications.

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Compact design:
Thanks to its compact design, the evaporator can be integrated into the test system close to the process. It is also possible to integrate the evaporator more effectively in space-limited applications than previous concepts. The evaporator can be freely positioned - upright, horizontal, upside down - to guarantee optimum vapor dosing in every process application.

High precision:
The pulsation-free vaporization, even at minimum mass flows, enables fast, repeatable and efficient control over the volume flow. In combination with our calibrated precision pumps, this enables reliable vapor dosing with very high accuracy.

Separable construction:
The user-friendly disassembly of the vaporizer allows for easy maintenance and cleaning of residues. The evaporator can be cleaned by the user on site with minimal effort.

Large pressure range:
Many applications and research projects (e.g. ammonia reforming) require a flexible pressure range. The evaporator is designed for pressures between 0 and 100 bar, ensuring an application range from vacuum to high pressure.

Chemical resistance:
In general, the evaporators offer a high resistance to corrosive fluids thanks to stainless steel surfaces in contact with the media and individually adapted seals enable a wide range of applications. It is also possible to extend the range of applications with various coatings.

Minimal dead volume:
Our innovative design avoids unnecessary cavities in the vaporizer, enabling fast fluid changes and short response times.


In many technical applications, stable vapor dosing with low pulsations and fast response times to load changes is required. Conventional vaporizers often reach their limits, especially with smaller quantities of liquid. The dynamics of vaporization quickly lead to pressure pulsations and liquid entrainment.

ChemTherm has set itself the task of ensuring robust and reliable production of small and large vapor flows. The patented evaporator concept enables controlled and virtually pulsation-free evaporation even without the use of a carrier gas. This makes our evaporators ideal for use in laboratories, pilot plants and R&D.

The most important features of our evaporator concept are:

  • evaporation in narrow, structured channels
  • the strict division into a cooled inlet area and a hot evaporation and superheating area
  • the dismantlability of the design for cleaning purposes
  • the flexible positioning and scalable execution of the ChemTherm evaporators.

The three variants of ChemTherm evaporators are optimized for different areas of applications:

  • Total vaporizers for vapour generation with a wide range of pressures and capacities.
  • Combination evaporators for the direct production of gas-vapor mixtures.
  • Integratable, compact and pressure-stable inline evaporators


In addition to the sale of our evaporators, we are also at your disposal for other services such as:

  • Consulting and development of tasks (reactor concepts, high-temperature technology, waste heat utilization, construction of test plants) in the field of evaporation and heat transfer
  • Individual support for research projects and measurement campaigns on our test facilities (conceptual design and testing of evaporation applications)

Questions or problems with:

Explosion protection? Unusual media? Higher pressures? Larger mass flows? Active cooling?

We are happy to respond to your special requirements!
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